Power Station ED60 is destined for power supply of special purpose products by three-phase voltage of 230V, 400Hz. Operation principle of power station concluded in conversion of three-phase electric power of  380V and frequency 50 Hz produced by the generator or from an external source in to three-phase electric power of  220 V and frequency 400 Hz with using converter FC (Frequency Converter) ПЧ-60Б1.1.



Power station is built around the body mounted in the trailer
-There are two compartments inside the body. In each compartment are placed diesel generator P 100 along axis of the body for operation under severe conditions.
-Effective automatic and control system.
-At low temperatures the fan heater automatically supports heating-up of diesel-generator from storage batteries and inside temperature.  
-Automatic hatch opening.
-Automatic system of fire alarm.

Control system provides:
-Control for operation of diesel-generator and auxiliaries.
-Disaster protection and light alarm on the control cabinet; light alarm and chime on the remote control post.
-Mode of illumination and black-out of body (when the door and hatches open).


The mobile body-type power station is designed to supply special purpose products with three-phase alternating current, 400V, 50Hz, from diesel-generator set or 380V, 50Hz, from supply mains.


Design features:
· Power station is mounted into a van-body on the basis of KrAZ-trailer;
· Two diesel-generators Р100Р2 are installed endwise as power supply sources;
· Auxiliary diesel-generator Р13,5-4 is installed inside the body by left side as power supply
source during repair work;
· Power station is equipped with effective automation control system;
· Standby diesel-generator is energized automatically;
· Power station is equipped with automatic fire-alarm system;
· The warming of diesel-generators at low temperature from storage batteries in power
station ЭД80-Т400-2РКС is provided automatically with an air heater, and required temperature
in the body is kept with a fan heater;

The control system ensures:
· Performance control of diesel-generators and ancillary devices;
· Disaster protection and light-audio alarm at emergency state;
· Lighting and blackout mode (switching over from routine lighting in the
   body to blackout one when the open side hatches and entrance door).

Power station is moved by a truck on the basis of KrAZ-214 (KrAZ -255Б) or similar one.
Power station is transported by railway, water and air.
Delivery set:  Power station ЭД80-Т400-2РК, set SPTA-0 according to the spare parts list, container with
a cabling set, maintenance documentation set according to the list.
SE “SPC “Iskra” guarantees:  Personnel training, technical support within the radar service life, a full set
of maintenance documentation, replenishment of spare parts, repair of
assemblies and units.


Maintenance module (MM) is designed to control serviceability, diagnostics and renewal of Line Replacement Units LRU) being incorporated in the Radar: digital, digital-to-analog and analog cells; high frequency units and subunits; PCBs and secondary power supply units.



MM Incorporates the workstatIons:

WS-1 (Workstation 1) is designed for diagnostics and fault finding up to the element level (a group of elements) of
digital and digital-to-analog LRUs based on TTL, CMOS or mixed TTL-CMOS logic as well as LRUs having analog elements with signal levels over the range from

WS-1 is made applying the automated diagnostic complex and is completed with multi-purpose programmer "UNIPROG".
The diagnostic complex consists of hardware,  software and repair databases for the tested LRUs.

The hardware consists of 135-channel test-processor, 16-channel logic and signature analyzer and 6-channel analog
generator and performs the following functions:
· Testing of PCBs via  connectors with simultaneous recording of the PCS reaction for test;
· In-circuit testing of the PCB and elements;
· Providing LRUs under test with power supply.

WS-2 (Workstation 2) is the PC-based measuring-diagnostic complex,  which is designed to  diagnose and measure the high-frequency LRU parameters.
The complex incorporates:
· RF and UHF units of oscillators being controlled;
· Digital oscilloscope;
· Spectrum analyzer.

WS-3 (Workstation 3) is a multi-purpose workstation,  intended for diagnostics of failed cells,  assemblies,  subunits and units providing switching,   check and control,  obtaining secondary voltages, processing and onversion of analog signals as part of the radar units and cabinets. WS-3 possesses the built-in facilities of protection,  control and check of its main parameters.

WS-4 (Workstation 4) is a   multi-purpose repair station. It is equipped with a  set of fixtures,   tools and special-purpose equipment.

The dismounting of faulty radio elements,   the radio elements performing,   soldering of newly mounted elements and varnishing are accomplished at WS-4



Main functions:
-    remote control of Radars 36D6M, 80K6K1;
-    collection and processing of Radar data with digital output in composition of air defense electronic technical units with air picture data output to command posts by wire and satellite channels;
-    collection of Radar data from remote sources, forming of combined air picture;
-    control of fighter aviation pilots actions;
-    target data transmission to AAMC (option).
RCP-1 composition:
-    Personnel workstations;
-    Radar control operator workstation;
-    Navigator workstation;
-    Commander workstation;
-    Data processor;
-    Modems, radio-bridges;
-    Satellite modem (option);
-    Radio station for communication with pilots;
-    Radio station for tactical – command communication;
-    Electric power supply equipment;
-    Life-supporting equipment.



Built-in radar interrogator (BRI) 69Л01 of system МК ХА,МК ХIIand RBS is designed to perform the following tasks:
- general identification of airborne objects equipped with radar transponders
- individual identification of airborne objects equipped with transponders
- cryptographically secure identification of airborne objects equipped with transponders and cryptocomputers
- determination of the aircraft identification code to meet the needs of ATC
- determination of the aircraft azimuth
- determination of slant range to the aircraft
- determination of the aircraft barometric altitude
- determination of the flag of SPIpulse receiving
- determination of the civil aircrafts' emergency codes
- determination of the flag of military aircraft wreck


Built-in radar interrogator 69Л01 meets the requirements of NATO (STANAG 4193) and ICAO standards.


High-stable solid-state transmitter with programmable
output power
Log receiver with amplitude characteristic of variable
Line receiver with wide dynamic range
Digital programmable in-built extractor
Individual transmitters for main channel and side-lobe
suppression channel
Side-lobe suppression system for transmitting
Programmable system of side-lobe suppression for
Programmable STC system
Programmable one-turn and two-turn mode of
interrogation interleaving
In-built automatic control and diagnostic system



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