On October 8-11th XVI International Specialized Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019 - the largest exhibition of defense industry in Ukraine was held at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv. More than 370 participants took part in the event, including 48 foreign ones from 16 countries. In particular, the USA, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Belarus, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Croatia, Israel, China, Kazakhstan. The countries are represented by the National Pavilions this year: United States (9 companies), Poland (5 companies), Turkey (14 companies) and the Czech Republic (3 companies).

      The exhibition is an annual event, participants demonstrate the latest technologies and developments in all sectors of land, sea and air defense. The purpose of the exhibition is to strengthen relations between enterprises, governmental agencies and representatives of the armed forces of different countries of the world, to establish business contacts, to conclude contracts for the weapons supply. According to the IEC, about 24,000 specialists visited the exhibition this year, including representatives of foreign companies from 46 countries. Most experts who visited the exhibition are from Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Lithuania, China, Germany, USA and UAE.

      This year SE SPC Iskra presented a full-scale sample of a 90K6E mobile surveillance 3D radar with a transistor transmitter, designed to detect targets flying at low, medium and high altitudes as part of the exhibition. Also, Iskra presented other developments using multimedia tools, such as 1L220E counter-battery radar, mobile standalone secondary radar Trasa-M, the concept of the Multifunctional radar, electronic warfare equipment, namely the B1E Mandat Complex, etc.

      The stand was visited by president of Ukraine - Volodymyr Zelensky, who was very interested in the activity of the enterprise, and the modern products it produces. The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine - Oleksiy Danilov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine - Andriy Zagorodniuk, Chief of General Headquarters Ruslan Khomchak, Minister of the Interior - Arsen Avakov, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for European Integration - Anatoliy Petrenko, heads of the President's Office and, and other dignitaries also visited stand.

      The presented equipment has aroused great interest of the country’s leadership and international partners. The Iskra delegation held a series of meetings and negotiations with representatives of defense companies and ministries of foreign countries to establish international cooperation.



         State Enterprise “Scientific-Production Complex “ISKRA” together with the State Foreign Trade Enterprise “SpetsTechnoExport” have held a demonstration of the 90K6E radar for representatives of foreign diplomatic missions.

         Representatives of foreign states and partners have repeatedly shown interest in new developments of the company. Radar 90K6E, adapted for delivery to international markets, made a very positive impression on the participants of the demonstration. Most of them confirmed their interest in further organization of radar demonstrations in their countries using imitation of combat conditions.

         As previously reported, 90K6E is a mobile 3-D air surveillance radar with transistorized transmitter, intended for low, medium and high flying targets detection is designed to be used as target designation system in anti-aircraft missile troops and as an information link in AD and AF units.

         Also, the radar feature is high mobility and ability to transport, due to modern design solutions.

         The radar can detect the exact position of targets at distances up to 500 km and simultaneously track more than 300 objects in the air, flying both at ultralight and at high altitudes. The radar system is capable of making 12 rotations per minute, which allows it to provide updated data every 5 seconds. 

The International Defence Exhibition and Conference took place on February, 17 – 22 in Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). About 900 of defense industry corporations from different countries of the world participated in the exhibition, including UkrOboronProm enterprises.
Every two years, the city of Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates hosts the biggest defense exhibition in the Middle East, IDEX. Enterprises present the latest design in land, maritime and air defense. The main goal of the exhibition is to strengthen relationship between enterprises, governmental organizations and members of the Armed Forces, to create mutually beneficial contacts between them, and to contract supplies of weapons.
“Iskra” presented an innovative 1L221E Counterbattery Radar that can be used for both surveillance and detecting enemy and friendly artillery. Technical peculiarities of the radar allows detecting classes of shooting systems (mortars, artillery, tactical missiles), determine impact points of mortars and ordnances, detect enemy UAVs and military aircraft.
“Iskra” delegation held meetings and negotiations with the heads of American and European enterprises of defense industry. Possibilities of extension of the contracts and concluding mutually beneficial arrangements in the field of co-development of new radar stations and component supplying were discussed.
“Participation in IDEX-2019 is a big event for our enterprise. Foreign companies are interested in cooperation. We held 18 meetings with potential partners during those 5 days. Our developments are properly represented; the production is competitive and arouses customer interest. We expect to cooperate with foreign customers and produce exportable items”, - said Yuriy Pashchenko, director of SE SPC “Iskra”.

Throughout 2018, enterprises that are part of Ukraine's defense concern UkrOboronProm have been developing, showcasing and testing dozens of new and modernized weapons and pieces of military equipment. Among the most successful projects there is Iskra Counterbattery Radar.
According to the information published on the UkrOboronProm website, top-5 developments include “Neptun” anti-ship missile (implemented by Luch Design Bureau), “Kvitnyk” modernized 152mm precision-guided munitions (Progres Research and Production Complex), MLRS “Berest” (SE “Shepetivka Repair Plant”), Combat Optical Gunsight OPSN-I (SE “Izum Instrument-Making Plant”), and 1L220UK Counterbattery Radar (Iskra Scientific Production Complex).
1L220UK Counterbattery Radar exceeds those radars that Ukrainian Armed Forces have in service. This radar can be used for both surveillance and detecting enemy and friendly artillery.
Technical peculiarities of the radar allows detecting classes of shooting systems (mortars, artillery, tactical missiles), determine impact points of mortars and ordnances, detect enemy UAVs and military aircraft.
1L220UK Counterbattery Radar contains of two transport units: an antenna equipment vehicle and an operation shelter. This type of construction increases the security of servicemen in armed conflicts. Antenna equipment vehicle may operate autonomously, because it is equipped with a mobile workplace.
Counterbattery Radar is versatile; it may be used in different locations, regardless of the climatic conditions and intensity of intercept mode. Such radars are used during massive military operations with a high level of concentration of military equipment, during limited interventions and peacekeeping operations to control ceasefire on the large area.


15th International Specialized Exhibition "Weapons and Security 2018" and 11th International Aviation and Space Salon “Aviasvit-XXI” took place in Kyiv from 9 to 12 October.
The delegation of our company took part in the event. The "Arms and Security" exhibition traditionally took place in two main sections: weapons for the civilian population and equipment and armaments for the army and law enforcement agencies. Individual equipment and weapons, machinery of the Land Forces; equipping and armament of law enforcement agencies; border control management systems were presented on the exhibition.
Delegations from 16 countries of the world, including Turkey, the USA, Poland, Austria, and Pakistan participated in it.
Samples of military equipment were displayed, conferences, negotiations and other exhibitions were held in the pavilions and on the openings of the International Exhibition Center.
The models of products МР-18 and 80К6Т were presented at the exhibition stand of the State Enterprise "Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra" this year.
During the exhibition our delegation held a number of meetings and negotiations with the leaders of Ukrainian and foreign enterprises of the defense industrial complex and aerospace industry in order to develop mutually beneficial cooperation.
According to Yuriy Pashchenko, Director of the State Enterprise "Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra", participation in exhibitions of such level is very important and necessary for the company, because the company can meet potential partners, share experiences and demonstrate the achievements of the company.

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